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Local Tiger International is an award winning, full service production company based in Taipei, Taiwan. By integrating audiovisual resources from both Asia and Europe, we provide an excellent platform for all kinds of international productions.

​Since the inception in 2005, we've created many high-profile productions for extraordinarily diverse clients, including international broadcasters, local channels, major corporations, and many others. We specialize in documentary-style programs with topics of science, technology, architecture, ethnography, ecology and adventures. By using cutting-edge filming techniques, 3D animation and post production, we provide a full production resources for our clients - right from creative scripting through to broadcast.

​Till now, we've earned more than 15 international and regional awards from prestigious film festivals, including The Houston International Film Festival, the Columbus International Film Festival, Montana CINE International Film Festival, Asian Academy Creative Awards and nominations from the ASIA TV Awards, GZ DOC and Golden Bell Awards.

​By telling passionate stories filled with ideas and creativities, we'll keep creating video contents that engage the viewer both emotionally and intellectually.

Company Profile
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